As the Thanksgiving season approaches, support from friends like you is vital to helping hungry children, families and seniors in the Valley during these challenging times. Your gifts will help supply food for the 928,000 meals our partner agencies will distribute over the next three months. We need your help to reach this goal!

How Your Donation Helps

Every $1 you give helps provide enough food for 4 meals! Imagine how many hungry people you could help.

Little girl at thanksgiving dinner

Seniors will be provided with food so they do not have to choose between buying medication and eating. It will help to nourish growing children, providing the food they need to develop strong minds and healthy bodies. Hardworking parents will have help to make ends meet by supplementing the groceries they are able to buy with food through our partner agencies. And while so many struggle during the COVID crisis, we will continue to serve as many as we can, as safely as we can.