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Volunteer at Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank

Volunteers provide up to 75% of the labor needed to run the program. Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank volunteers come from many different backgrounds and vocations. They consist of single individuals, married couples, and groups from churches, schools, or businesses. Youth groups often commit a few hours a day, depending on the circumstances. Individuals needing to fulfill community service hours are also welcome. No special skills are necessary for Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank volunteers.

All volunteers receive hands-on training in food safety and handling – and how to properly inspect, tag, and store food. Assignments may vary, depending on a volunteer’s physical abilities to perform them. Volunteers process and store the donated food items for later distribution. Spoilage is discarded and suitable items are inventoried and properly stored for later distribution. Participating charities include churches, soup kitchens, food pantries, and homeless service providers.

These charities in turn provide food baskets and/or hot nutritious meals to the poor, the elderly, and the homeless throughout the San Fernando Valley. All pantries must meet specific food handling, safety, and storage criteria in order to be a recipient, and undergo periodic facility audits by the food bank to ensure compliance with food industry safety standards.

Opportunities are on-going, year-round, and constantly changing, there is a place for everyone with time to give.

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