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Making a Difference

Many organizations and vendors have adopted “Fresh Rescue” practices to ensure perishable food items that would otherwise go into the waste are donated to the Valley Food Bank. One hallmark example is the participation from Albertsons in Tujunga. David Panza, a 43-year veteran Receiving Manager, facilitates the needs of the store and their clientele and…

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Answer to Her Prayers

Joy is a choice; Candice and her daughter Kim have decided to choose joy despite their circumstances. That is why, when you see them visiting the food pantry, you will find them with beautiful smiles as they reflect on God’s goodness. A woman living on Social Security, Candice has found it hard to make ends…

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From Helper to Helped

Hello, my name is Jamie. About a year and a half ago, I visited the Thursday food giveaway and I immediately felt at home. The people were nice and generous and it meant so much to me because I had been out of work for a while due to a hand injury at my job.…

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Thank YOU!

Boris would visit our food pantry every Tuesday. He would walk from his home three blocks away and would always be wearing a pressed dress shirt, tie, and neatly pleated slacks. After speaking to him, we learned that he had lost his aerospace job in Nevada earlier in 2011. So, he decided to move back…

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Rosie Loves to Help!

Rosie has been receiving food from Calvary Baptist Church’s Thursday food distribution for a while, and she always arrives early. One very hot summer day, she was standing under a shade tree trying to keep cool while waiting for the food distribution to start. The director of the ministry saw her and invited her inside…

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First Time Visitors to the Food Pantry

Their names are Joshua and Hillary. About three years ago, Hilary’s mother passed away, they lost custody of their child, and have been on the street living out of their car, which they share with three dogs.

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Drought has Impact Beyond the Obvious

The current drought is a very real issue to anyone living in Southern California. Our lawns are getting browner, our showers are getting shorter, and our water bills are getting higher. And even at the food pantries, folks are feeling the effects of the drought. With the ever-increasing price of groceries, more Southern California residents…

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Reap What You Sow

The Bible is very clear that you reap what you sow. For those sowing good seed, this is a principle that brings comfort. Such was the case for a recent new guest to the Food Pantry. Marleen is a volunteer for an outreach program that assists single parents provide essential items for their children such…

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