John hears of pantry, finds more than food

John said the message he receives is as impactful as the food box.

John said the message he receives is as impactful as the food box.

“The beginning of my experience with the Kingdom Pantry actually didn’t start at Reseda United Methodist Church at all,” John said. “It began with me meeting a man named Scott at Denny’s here in Reseda.

“Scott was clearly friendly and began sharing with me about his church, his love for Jesus and about the Wednesday Kingdom Pantry, where folks in need could get food, clothing, and a hot meal in a loving, caring environment.

“Well, as life would have it, I didn’t get around to Kingdom Pantry until several weeks later, and found that the line was half way down the side of the building! I tried to come earlier, and sit and read, waiting for my turn.

“That very first Wednesday was so helpful words cannot completely explain. It wasn’t just the  food that I got to pick, it wasn’t just the good hot meal that filled my stomach, or even the kind folks helping run the pantry.

“It wasn’t even the additional joys I went on to experience: music while we were in line and chairs to make it a bit easier to wait, for example.

“But the fact that Pastor Christian comes out and talks to us and shares the love of God in a personal way, without being pushy, is really what makes this place so special. It’s the whole of Kingdom Pantry that makes it the helpful place it has become. Come check them out! You do not have to wait weeks to learn how wonderful this place is.” First United Methodist Church of Reseda holds its pantry every Wednesday from 1-3 p.m. It’s located at 18120 Saticoy St. in Reseda.