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‘It’s always on my mind’: Food recipient grateful for help

Nohelia came to the pantry during thepandemic and now volunteers packing boxes and translating when needed.

Nohelia came to the pantry during the
pandemic and now volunteers packing boxes and translating when needed.

The food pantry at La Voz Sylmar Seventh-Day Adventist Church opens its doors to those in need every Thursday from 5-6:30 p.m. The volunteers at the pantry, located at 13550 Herron St. in Sylmar, recently shared stories from two of their visitors.


My name is Nohelia, and I live in the San Fernando Valley. I was driving near my house when I saw a line of cars. I asked someone, ‘What is this line for?’ and I was told it was for a food distribution. I was, at that moment, looking for a food bank.

I was not working, due to schools being closed as a result of the pandemic. I was totally dependent on my savings. Since that day, I’ve come every Thursday.

Last year, during the summer, I helped a family with children communicate with the group of volunteers by translating their Spanish. After I did that, I felt the need to show my gratitude for what this pantry provides for me and help more. I asked the staff at La Voz Sylmar pantry if I could become a volunteer and help prepare the boxes of food. They said I was welcome to help.

I started volunteering and helping my community, and it was nice working with them. Now I feel part of the La Voz Sylmar food pantry family.

Thanks to all the people who work so hard and all the donors and companies who donate food in these difficult times. It’s always on my mind, how much this place helped me in a time where I needed it most. Now, I serve as a volunteer so I can help someone like me.

La Voz Sylmar and Valley Food Bank, thank you so much.


In the year since Jaime lost his wife to COVID, he has relied on the food pantry and its volunteers even more.


My neighbor told me about the food pantry two or three months before the COVID pandemic started. I live in Sylmar and it is nearby. We showed up and were gifted many fruits and vegetables with very little information asked of us. After that first time we visited, it started to get very crowded.

My wife and I were very blessed with all the food we received from La Voz Sylmar’s food distribution. It helped us so much, specifically the care and prayers they shared with us, and the way they treated us and others.

Unfortunately, my wife passed away from COVID about a year ago. In this year since she passed, La Voz Sylmar and the Valley Food Bank have been helping me in many ways to survive. I do not have a job now, and have disabilities.

Thank you to all the donors and volunteers, especially to La Voz Sylmar and the Valley Food Bank. I have been blessed by the pantry and now some of my family are also being blessed by it.

Please keep helping those in need to prevent homelessness. Thank you. I am so grateful.

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