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Kingdom Food Pantry welcomes friends weekly

food pantry

The Kingdom Food Pantry at First United Methodist Church of Reseda opens its doors to those struggling with food insecurity.

Recently a group from a rehabilitation program came for help

We met a group of men recently needing help at the Kingdom Food Pantry on the grounds of our First United Methodist Church of Reseda. These are Common Grounds where people are welcomed in to enjoy a hot meal prepared by our chef and choose items like food and sundries to sustain themselves during the week.

After signing in and eating if they choose, our guests fill their bags with good nutritional food. We are the hands and feet of Christ to those who visit us, and they instantly become friends just by spending time with us.

Bryan came to the Kingdom Food Pantry recently. Volunteers met him and his five friends who are all housemates in a rehabilitation program. They told us that they are experiencing food insecurity, and it was a privilege to help them, thanks to the generosity of our partner, Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank. The Food Bank delivers pallets of produce, bread, sweets, pasta, sundries and so much more.

bryan receiving food basket

Bryan has struggled with addiction and health issues, and is grateful to be on the mend and receiving help.

This summer, the Valley Food Bank delivered lots of ice cream week after week. Our friends who come for food appreciate the cold treats to cool them from the brutal San Fernando Valley Summer heat.

Bryan told a volunteer stationed in the dining room about his struggles amid drug addiction recovery and a brain aneurism. Bryan told a volunteer that he felt the love of Christ coming from the person with whom he was sharing. We volunteers have learned how to listen and reflect love and an all-embracing acceptance.

We learn how to ‘wear their shoes’ and are still learning every day. None of our ministry could happen without the abundance shared by the Valley Food Bank and we hope its donors know how grateful we are.

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