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sun valley

A father and son who fled Russia due to the
war got to the U.S. just 10 days ago.

Immigrant families are on the rise

The North Valley Military Institute’s food pantry in Sun Valley has seen a huge increase in visitors to its food distribution events in recent months. A variety of individuals and families have come from across town—and across the world—to get help supplementing their monthly budgets.

One family moved here from Central Asia five months ago, searching for a better future. They are especially focused on their young son and the baby that is on the way! They are still struggling to get settled in this new country, as they don’t have any family in the United States. With only one income sustaining them, they are grateful for the pantry and the many items provided.

A father and son also came to the pantry—they arrived in the U.S. just 10 days ago, fleeing Russia because of the war. The pair came with just a few belongings and a modest savings. The father is working, but appreciates the pantry as he’s able to save money on food.

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