Volunteers from the House, A Church Family’s food pantry gather after a food distribution event.

Sylva first came to the food pantry at the House, A Church Family in January. She’s since returned to receive much-needed food supplies to supplement her monthly budget.

As a mother of three, and with some health issues, she values the resources available to the community through the Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank and their donors. Sylva’s heart was overflowing with gratitude when she found a food-distribution site so close to where she lives.

Our food pantry has benefited many people in all walks of life. Sylva is one of the hundreds of patrons we serve monthly since we started this ministry 12 years ago. Now, Sylva not only takes advantage of these services to the community, but she also volunteers and assists in the distribution. She said this is the least she can do to express the gratefulness in her heart for the benefit that she receives from the food pantry.

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