Stories that Inspire.

Stories that Inspire.

Victories to Celebrate.

Victories to Celebrate.



This is Irene who came to the Lighthouse of San Fernando pantry seeking assistance for her family:

“My son was involved in an accident. That coupled with the impact of unemployment due to the pandemic, we were in need of food for my family.

“Never before having the need to receive assistance, I didn’t know where to go or how to go about receiving help. One day while on the bus, I noticed a passenger who was returning from the pantry in San Fernando and was bringing home all sorts of fruits, vegetables and baked goods. So I inquired about how it worked and how I might qualify to receive some food items as well.

“The next week I was at the pantry. I am a little bit shy, and maybe I was even feeling embarrassed, but I was quickly embraced and made to feel welcome. We looked forward each week to see what good items we might receive and we’re never disappointed. So for a season that is how our family received some great food.

“I am very grateful to everyone that makes this possible. I have returned to work as businesses have started reopening, but our family is truly grateful for all the help we received when we did not know what we were going to do. Thank you.”

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