Stories that Inspire.

Stories that Inspire.

Victories to Celebrate.

Victories to Celebrate.

Director’s Note

Director posing in front of truck

Dear Friends,

Often we share “we could not do what we do without you.” Over the years, this has meant many different things and taken many different forms. In this most difficult year, it could not be more appropriate—or, thanks to YOU, more accurate.

Without you we could not be doing this work right now. So, to the volunteers and civic organizations who were able to step up during the pandemic to help make the Food Bank run so efficiently; the many, many donors and heroes that continue to give so generously; the businesses and elected officials that we are privileged to work with; our team who give tirelessly of their time; and everyone who stops by with donations of food, hygiene kits, other supplies and/or a kind word of encouragement—thank you!

Finally, this month we will celebrate a great tradition—Thanksgiving. In years past of course it meant gathering with family and friends to reflect on our many blessings and to have a great time sharing a great meal. At the time of this writing, I am not certain what our situation will be in our nation, but what I do know is we are thankful for our many, many blessings, friends and family. May your holiday be filled with much love and joy.

Will Hernandez, Director

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