Stories that Inspire.

Stories that Inspire.

Victories to Celebrate.

Victories to Celebrate.



Georgia was born and raised in Texas. She now lives alone and takes care of herself. On the surface, it is a peaceful image, but if you look a little deeper, you will find this gracious lady worried.

She has had to survive alone on a fixed income and navigate the COVID pandemic on her own. Each month has been a challenge for Georgia as her funds get stretched even further. That is when the fear creeps in. She does not know if she will be able to eat and cover all her other expenses too.

And what if something unexpected happens? That was the case recently when both her water heater and washing machine broke down. A challenge for any family, let alone for someone who scrapes by from month to month. All of her income was depleted with the repair of the water heater and the washing machine was going to have to wait.

“How am I going to eat?” she wondered. The answer of course was through the Valley Food Bank pantry resources. With your support, we make sure this independent-spirited senior receives enough healthy food – vegetables, fruit, bakery goods and protein – to help her through the month. “I especially like the cheese and peanut butter,” Georgia said.

Her eyes brim with gratitude as she thanks friends like you for everything that’s been done for her. “I appreciate your help and your giving hearts,” she said. “If I ever get the opportunity to give back, I will.”

You are the ones making an immeasurable impact in the lives of people just like Georgia with your support, encouragement, and prayers. Thank you.

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