Carin brings ‘light and love’ to her community

I grew up in a single-parent home here in the Valley. My mother worked very hard to provide for my two brothers and me. Some years were harder than others, and when we struggled, the community stepped in and helped my family.

Spending time helping the Valley Food Bank has given me the opportunity to pour love back into my childhood community. As a volunteer, I am part of a loving group of people who give of themselves not for the reward but for the dignity, respect, and love it shows God's people.

As a Christian, there is no greater honor than helping bring light and love to those who need it, whether it be in the form of basic necessities, food, or both. The Valley Food Bank is a true blessing not only to me and the community I grew up in, but to all who the organization touches.

-Carin, Volunteer at the Valley Food Bank