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Haydee and her daughters benefit from La Voz pantry

Volunteering has now become a family affair too A year ago, Haydee made a big move with her three daughters, ages 15, 13 and 7. “It was December of 2022,” she said. “I left Mexico, trying to give my girls a better life. My dad and my uncle helped me come to California. “I am…

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Melanie is ‘overwhelmed with gratitude’ after attending pantry

After 2 deaths and adopting a family member, she is more in need than ever The recent COVID years brought innovations to the way we serve people who are in dire need of extra and free resources. Pre-COVID, they would walk up to us and register to receive the food that was available for that…

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After tragedy, Tania moves to be closer to her daughter, grandchildren

After one of her children was killed tragically, Tania moved from Lancaster to her daughter’s house. When she arrived, Tania found that her daughter was struggling to provide for her five children. There wasn’t enough food to go around after the bills and the rent got paid. Thankfully, a neighbor told Tania about the food…

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Rocio appreciates help as she cares for her mother

After the company she worked for closed down during the pandemic, Rocio started facing difficulties in paying her rent and the bills while also keeping food on the table. The pantry at the Rock of the Valley church has been her saving grace. Rocio left Peru for the United States in 2010. Upon settling in…

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Couple from Russia struggles to make a new life, relies on food pantry

Svetlana and Vadim Spasskaia, a married couple, emigrated from Russia about three years ago “We were struggling with food and how to survive in California,” said Svetlana, who first came to the food pantry at La Voz about a year ago. “Someone told us about the Food Bank here in Sylmar. We take food every…

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Estela visits pantry for the first time, helps her daughter and 5 grandkids

Last month, volunteers at the Lighthouse of San Fernando met Estela, a first-time visitor to their weekly food pantry. She is currently battling cancer, and is a grandmother to five children. Her daughter is a single mother who is working, but the paycheck she brings home is simply not enough to support the entire family.

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Sharyn sought out food to help during a challenging time, but found a whole supportive family

Sharyn grew up in the San Fernando Valley where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Like many families, they live off one income while tending to all of the needs of the children. Sharyn and her husband are fortunate to have an income but have experienced what so many others have-the dollar…

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Zulma gets reprieve from La Voz pantry

I’m Zulma from San Fernando. I have been visiting the La Voz Sylmar Seventh Day Adventist Church pantry for three years. The food they give to us is a blessing for me and my two children. Since the pandemic started, I have been struggling, especially with teenagers. Everything is getting so expensive for us. I…

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Rock of the Valley commits to giving food—along with kindness

    With the cost of living continuing to increase beyond what the employment wages of many people can handle, little is left to buy food after the bills get paid. “We believe everyone should have access to food. Our goal is to meet people’s basic needs with love and kindness. With the help of…

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Johannes and his family of 6 express gratitude

Johannes came early to the food pantry hosted by The House, A Church Family last Saturday. He was able to be a part of our usual “volunteer huddle,” where we sort out what is in store for the day. We were so encouraged to hear from Johannes about how he and his family have benefitted…

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Director’s note

Pioneering for a purpose Have you ever played the classic game, The Oregon Trail? Perhaps you played it on an old Mac computer where the game was loaded on a floppy disk. Yes, you heard me right, a floppy disk! Some of you are thinking, “What in the world is that?” Others are having flashbacks…

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At 8 a.m. on Wednesday mornings, Mrs. Morales arrives at Valley Park Church and helps set up the carts, tables and displays for the food pantry. She says that volunteering at the pantry on Wednesdays is a blessing to her, and a way to keep her mind and body active. Mrs. Morales has been coming…

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