Director’s note – The holidays are upon us

The holiday season is upon us and with that many joys and celebrations will be had. There will be time to eat turkey, watch some football, be with family and to reflect and be thankful for all that God has done in our lives and at the Valley Food Bank.

Directors Note

Pastor Carlos and Luz Cota of Oasis Foursquare in Panorama City.

Then, before you know it, eggnog will be on sale for Christmas. It’s personally one of my favorite times of the year, but for many, the holidays are a struggle. Perhaps it’s a reminder of someone they lost that won’t be around the dining room table this year. Or for an overworked family barely getting by, there’s the burden to provide gifts to their children. Maybe you have experienced some of this yourself as I have in my family.

Life will always have its ebbs and flows, but one thing remains: HOPE. Whether you need it or have it, go give it to someone else in need. Hope will always be there, no matter how bleak life may seem. Where there is life—there is still hope. This is why, according to Galatians 6:9, it is so important to not grow weary in doing good, because if we don’t give up, we will see hope restored and poured into the lives who need it most.

This is what I love about what we get to do at the Valley Food Bank. Yes, we “get to,” not “have to.” It’s an honor and privilege to do the work that we do unto the Lord. We get to bring hope into the home.

This is what one of our new partnerships with Oasis Foursquare in Panorama City is doing on a weekly basis. Pastor Carlos and his wife Luz Cota started out wanting to meet the needs of their community by running a pantry. They wanted to show God’s love to others while also giving hope to low-income families.

Pastor Carlos and Luz came to the Valley Food Bank several weeks ago looking for ways to obtain more food for their pantry that started off small, but soon grew to the point where they were turning away dozens of families every week because of food shortage. After hearing their story and visiting their pantry, I could tell it had the ability to reach hundreds of families on a weekly basis. Since partnering with them, each week they are seeing at least 10 new families come out to receive food and they are no longer turning anyone away.

This is made possible by all of our generous donors and volunteers. All of our services are free to those who need it. No one has to pay for food or pay for the delivery of food—not all food rescue organizations can say this! If you would like to give hope to others this holiday season, please visit to become a volunteer or give a financial gift. What you “get to do” can bring hope into the home this holiday season.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support. May God fill your home with peace and hope this holiday season.

Blessings, Jeremiah Booth