Lighthouse pantry feeds local need

The Valley Food Bank partners with many churches all over the Los Angeles area, helping thousands supplement their food budgets with fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, and pantry goods. The pantry at the Lighthouse of San Fernando operates every Friday from 3 to 4 p.m. Here are a couple visitors who have sought and received help recently:


Angel has struggled with addiction since she was a teenager, and she’s now committed to getting help. She is living in a hotel room with her three children, and is currently in a rehabilitation program.

This has been a very difficult time for her and her kids. She happened to pass by the food pantry and walked in at the last moment before closing. Angel was facing dire circumstances. She did not have food for herself or her children. She was very blessed with what she was able to receive. She left with food to feed her family and received much encouragement from our team.


Loretta is 84 years old and has undergone four heart surgeries. Her Social Security income is on hold at the moment and she has no financial assistance coming in.

Loretta heard of the pantry ministry and she was able to attend and receive a lot of food that will aid her in these hard times. She is beyond grateful for this assistance and is happy that someone shared this information with her.

Loretta is hopeful that her situation changes soon and she starts receiving financial assistance again. In the meantime, she plans on coming out to the pantry at least twice a month to receive food. During this temporary struggle, Loretta said she is grateful that this wonderful ministry is here to help.