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She lost both her husband and her income

I grew up in poverty with a single parent and promised myself that my children would never go through what I did. After I graduated college, I worked hard and long hours to help provide for my family. I became a real estate agent, and my husband and I had everything we dreamed— until COVID hit. I lost my husband and my income.

Nobody was interested in buying property because of the employment and economy uncertainties. I thought things would pass and I would be back selling houses soon enough, but it turned out that the effects of the pandemic, along with the high cost of homes, makes it very difficult to earn a decent income.

I’m currently fighting for my children to receive Social Security benefits on behalf of their late father. My wages are approximately $20 over the amount that would qualify me for the CalFresh Food Stamp Program, therefore after I pay my bills, I don’t have enough money to buy food.

I never thought I would have to consider going to a food pantry because I had promised myself that I would never be in a position where I couldn’t feed my children. I didn’t want to ask for help, especially after applying for food stamps and not qualifying. But I had to put my pride aside because I needed to have a way to feed my children. I heard about Rock of The Valley’s food pantry. I knew I had nothing to lose—but maybe some food to gain.

The food pantry gives me hope. I’m truly grateful for everything the volunteers there do and in return my desire is to help someone else by paying it forward. I just want to say thank you to everyone who makes it possible, and God bless you.

—Rock of the Valley food pantry recipient

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