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Stories that Inspire.

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Victories to Celebrate.

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Boris would visit our food pantry every Tuesday. He would walk from his home three blocks away and would always be wearing a pressed dress shirt, tie, and neatly pleated slacks. After speaking to him, we learned that he had lost his aerospace job in Nevada earlier in 2011. So, he decided to move back to California into his elderly mother’s home, where he had grown up. She had beginning stage Alzheimer’s disease and had been receiving regular visits from a nurse.

Boris told us that, ever since he moved back to California, he would wake up each morning proactively searching for a job. He would get dressed in his usual business attire and go to interviews. On Tuesdays he would search the classifieds in the morning until it was time to head over to the St. Bridget of Sweden food pantry.

Bringing in weekly groceries made him feel that he was a positive contributor to the household. From May through September, we would see Boris each Tuesday. Not only would he come for his share of food, but also he would always offer assistance to the ladies, whether it be sweeping the porch, taking out the trash, or helping others with their bags, he was always gracious and accommodating.

All of a sudden, Boris stopped coming to the pantry. In late October 2011, we received a letter from Boris updating us on his situation. He was still living in his mother’s home. The reason he stopped coming to the pantry was he found a job at an aerospace company in El Segundo.

Boris wrote,” The St. Bridget of Sweden food pantry was my Tuesday getaway. Not only did I receive some much-needed sustenance for the body, but my soul was lifted too. I was not able to help my mother with money, but it made me feel good that I was able to bring home some food for the week.”

Included with the note was a personal check made payable to St. Bridget of Sweden. Every month the food pantry can count on a check from Boris. He leaves an envelope in the mailbox with a simple note in the memo line: Thank You!

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