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Director’s note

Jeremiah and Denise

Jeremiah and Denise

Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank Director Jeremiah Booth with Denise Perry, founder of the AV Dream Center

We have some exciting news to share with you! Christmas has come early for Rescue Mission Alliance and the Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank. For more than 50 years, RMA has helped individuals in need in a variety of ways, including food distribution, hot meals, shelter and recovery programs. Soon, we’ll be expanding our ministry as we take over the Antelope Valley Dream Center, which provides food to thousands of people in need in the area each year. Starting the first of the year we will be officially handling the operations and providing hope to change lives for good in the Antelope Valley area.

The Antelope Valley Dream Center (AVDC) was started nearly 10 years ago by John and Denise Perry. What started as an idea came to fruition out of a driveway of a home in Lancaster. It is there that a ministry was born, feeding hot dogs to the neighborhood folks, and offering coloring books and activities to children. The Perrys have been committed to reaching the “unreached” people of the Antelope Valley, and surrounding communities, who do not reside near assisting resources.

The Perrys have been intent on building people up, restoring hope in their lives, and inspiring them to dream again. Over the years, with the help of thousands of hours from hundreds of volunteers, the AVDC now ministers to roughly 1,500 families each month. Through partnerships with churches that act as pantries on the weekends, the AVDC provides fresh produce and a variety of food for the Antelope Valley area.

We at RMA are extremely grateful for this opportunity to begin ministering to one of the greatest areas of need in Los Angeles County. Food insecurity is a major issue, as 21 percent of the population in Palmdale and nearly 23 percent in Lancaster fall below the poverty line. Homelessness numbers are double that of any area in which we have a mission. It has been a desire of ours for the past few years to provide services to this area and through our partnership with AVDC, this has now become a reality.

I know that the path that is set before us wouldn’t have been possible without this amazing couple, the Perrys. So it is with great anticipation and hope that we will be able to continue the work that they have started and by the grace of God will be able to expand. We are aiming to reach more of the AV area as God directors us in the future. We’re thankful to be positioned in such a way that will allow us to bring hope to thousands of families and change lives for good.

At the Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank, we are already distributing food to 40 percent more families this year. This time last year, we were providing food for 5,200 families each month—we are already up to 7,300. This is made possible by you! With this new partnership, we will reach even more people in need.

Despite this exciting news, I know there will be a lot of work ahead. We’ll need to build new relationships, gather

more food, attract more volunteers, and create partnerships with more churches and organizations to facilitate new pantries—the list goes on and on. But what I need from you first and foremost is your prayers. Prayers for wisdom, direction and favor as we venture out into a new region of Los Angeles County. I would love to see us go from 1,500 families being fed in the AV area to thousands more, and your prayers will lay the groundwork.

Lastly, if you would like to get involved by volunteering or giving to meet the needs of the Antelope Valley, please visit our website: I pray that your homes are filled with joy, peace and love this holiday season and thank you for all of your support for the Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank. The need this year is again significant and together I know we can make a difference.

God Bless, Jeremiah Booth

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