Looking to a new year at the Food Bank

New Beginnings – At this time a year ago, our Food Bank was facing an uncertain future, unsure as to where a sufficient inventory of donated goods would come from to meet the unrelenting demand from the COVID environment. Through what some would call divine intervention, we were rescued by the continued supply of Farmer’s to Families food boxes that augmented our retail store donations. With much hard work and the generosity of many in the community we were able to provide food resources to 50,000 families representing 175,350 individuals.

New Partnerships – This past year, we reached out to the other food providers outside our traditional area, Texas and Utah - renewing old partnerships and establishing new ones. Working together on such projects we were all able to learn, share and cooperate for the benefit of all of our recipients. We look forward to continuing and growing those relationships in the new year.

New Partners – Over the course of this past year, we reached out to several new business and community partners in an effort to supplement the non-perishable foods we distribute to our clients, including grocery chains, independent businesses and big box stores. Without our new partners, we would not have been able to provide a wholesome and nutritious variety of food to our clients.

New Opportunities – Throughout 2021, we took every opportunity we could to share the plight of our clients with the people in our community. Speaking before civic organizations (via Zoom) and to local places of worship, we were able to reach many people and businesses. In the new year, we look forward to turning that dialog into new opportunities for the Food Bank.

New Faces – This past year, we were overwhelmed by the many new faces we have seen helping us inside and outside the Food Bank. Many new volunteers have signed on and assisted in food distribution, stocking shelves, food pickup and behind-the-scene support like the many food drives held at local schools, businesses and organizations. The many faces that go into organizing and executing these food drives is staggering. Each and every item distributed to our clients has been touched by so many generous and hard-working people. We look forward to seeing these same faces as well as many new ones in the coming year.

New Challenges – Unfortunately, we anticipate the difficulties experienced by the community that we serve to continue for the foreseeable future. Each day, we see more new clients come to our pantries in search of food – single people, families, the elderly. Hunger and loss of hope shows on each of their faces. As we address this growing need, we need to look for new sources of food and funding. We need to build new relationships with our community. We need to enlist new volunteers. These are the new challenges that we will face this new year.

New Year – Looking back, what an exciting and wonderful year we have had at the Food Bank! We want to thank everyone for the support and generosity you have provided to our clients. Looking forward to the new year, together, we will continue to fight hunger and feed hope in our community.