Martha has been supplementing her budget by coming to the pantry since she lost her job.

Martha was the manager of an apartment building for several years while simultaneously working as a domestic freelancer. As a bonus, Martha’s manager position came with free rent which allowed her to use her freelance income to pay other bills and buy food.

Unfortunately, Martha’s manager position came to end. And when the pandemic struck, her domestic worker jobs dried up. At that time, she turned to Rock of the Valley Church of God in Christ’s food pantry for help. When the lockdown lifted, Martha immediately began to seek freelance jobs, however the domestic job market has been slow. She still requires the help of the food pantry.

“The food helps me financially,” she said. “I can save money to pay my bills. Without the help from the food pantry I would not be able to pay my bills and buy food.”

Martha shared that her experience of receiving good food as well as toiletries has been a blessing, especially when they are distributed with such compassion and love. Upon coming to receive food, Martha insisted on helping to give back to the community by volunteering at the pantry. She has continued to be a faithful and committed volunteer.

Our goal at Rock of the Valley COGIC is to meet people’s basic needs with love and kindness. With the help of the Valley Food Bank, and God’s favor on the Mission’s Ministry, Rock of the Valley’s Missions Department currently serves an average of 130 families each week with up to 10 individual members in each family, as well as our homeless community.