Johannes and his family of 6 express gratitude

The House, A Church Family, hosts their pantry on the last Saturday of the month.

The House, A Church Family, hosts their pantry on the last Saturday of the month.

Johannes came early to the food pantry hosted by The House, A Church Family last Saturday.

He was able to be a part of our usual “volunteer huddle,” where we sort out what is in store for the day. We were so encouraged to hear from Johannes about how he and his family have benefitted from this kind of public event. He was one of the 114 families (300-plus individuals) served by 24 volunteers that day.

We were not expecting many patrons that day, thinking that the Memorial Day weekend would have people out and about elsewhere. We were so blessed with the positive words from Johannes and how he and his family of six expressed their gratitude for what The House is doing to reach the community.

Equally, we are grateful for the ongoing partnership with Rescue Mission Alliance Valley Food Bank and their sponsors and donors for more than 12 years now. The last Saturday of the month is greatly anticipated by many of the disadvantaged and needy in the community. We at The House are committed to easing some burdens felt by people from all walks of life through the distribution of much-needed, basic, healthy food items.

One thing was noticeable that Saturday: the food ran out quickly.

In just one hour the food was gone, when normally we would cater to the same number of people for two to three hours. People come in droves as times have changed and people are trying to avail themselves of resources in their community.

Johannes is especially grateful, not only for the food that he received that day but also for the volunteer work of the members of The House, A Church Family of Northridge under the leadership of Pastor Paul Kim.